Monday, March 2, 2015

Dance Teacher Job Board & Dance Instructor Resume Database

After having owned Dancers Unite for 6 years, I have found one of the biggest challenges as a studio owner was finding enough time for all the many duties that studio owners have.

When I outlined with my fellow studio owners what was taking up our time, one of the things that stuck out was hiring teachers.

Hiring part time teachers that fit the Dancers Unite brand was a challenging task, and even more time consuming was when we had to hire a substitute dance teacher.

Therefore, my fellow business partners and I have decided to start another company, this one called Dance Teacher Finder.

Dance Teacher Finder is a wonderful tool that helps dance studio owners find teachers.

We created it to be just the kind of website we always wish existed to help our dance studio.

Some of its unique features include:
  • A resume database that only registered dance studios can view so studios can find last minute teaching substitutes
  • Helpful sorting tools to help studios quickly find teachers, such as sorting by dance skill
  • Unlimited job posting options
We have opened the website up to dance studios and dance teachers all over the world.

Our website has been up for a little over a week and already we have dance teaching job postings in 3 different countries!

We are very proud of our website, and hope you enjoy it, too!
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