Friday, September 5, 2014

Ballantyne Dance Classes 2 Year Olds

ballantyne dance classes 2 year olds
Dancers Unite is the best option for dance classes for Ballantyne families with two year olds.

Dancers Unite is one of the only dance studios in the Charlotte area with combination dance classes for 2 year olds with the opportunity to dance in the yearly dance recital.

Dancers Unite’s 2 year old dance classes are all taught by the studio owners so you can feel assured all of the classes have the same quality of dance instruction.

At Dancers Unite we believe in the utmost attention to our youngest dancers, as they are future dancers of tomorrow!

Dancers Unite offers multiple class times for 2 year olds (mornings, afternoons and evenings) so everyone has a class time that fits their schedule.

For more information about dance classes for 2 year olds or dance classes for any age, please see our Dance Class Page.

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