Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dance Classes Charlotte NC Seventh Graders

Dancers Unite offers great dance classes in Charlotte, NC for seventh graders.

We have recreational dance classes that meet once a week in fun, great styles of dance like jazz, hip hop, tap and acro.

We have an upper level ballet program where students can take advanced ballet and pointe.

We have a competitive cheer dance team where students compete in cheerleading & dance competitions, no experience necessary!

We have a performance dance team where advanced students take class once a week and dance in local venues (such as Carowinds, Hornets’ games, St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Uptown Charlotte, etc.).

We have a competitive dance company for advanced students that meets multiple times a week and competes in a variety of dance styles (jazz, lyrical, acro, etc.) and competes at both the regional and national level.
dance classes charlotte nc seventh graders

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