Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ballet Lessons Charlotte North Carolina

Dancers Unite offers excellent, high quality ballet lessons in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Starting at age five, our dancers are divided by Dancers Unite’s ballet level system.  Our ballet level system is based on our studio’s ballet curriculum, which combines both the Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova methods of ballet.  Students are expected to master certain curriculum based steps before they can move on to certain levels.  However, students are still divided by age, so if you were for example a beginner ballet student who is a teen, you would not be placed into a class with say six or seven year olds.

When students become more advanced, they can begin pointe lessons, and our pointe classes are also divided by level as well.

For younger students under the age of six, we also offer ballet as part of our combination dance classes starting at age two.  We believe students greatly benefit from starting ballet as young as possible, so they can start learning ballet terminology and they can participate in our yearly dance recitals.  We believe that ballet is a beautiful dance form that should be shared with people, and we’ve found the younger a child starts dance and dance recitals, the less stage fright they will experience later in life.

For more information about our program, please see our Charlotte Ballet Program Page.
ballet lessons charlotte north carolina

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