Friday, January 31, 2014

Competition Dance Charlotte

competition dance charlotte
If you are looking for a competition dance program in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dancers Unite has a growing, thriving program.

Dancers Unite’s competitive program has grown and risen in the past five years, and we are a studio that has won numerous top scores and first overalls in both regional and national competitions.

Dancers Unite has 5 teams that are divided by age.  We have students as old as high school seniors and students as young as Pre-K.  We have a committed teaching staff with years of experience teaching competitive dance, who understand each age group.  Our staff is firm but nurturing with the children and they are committed to positive teaching that boosts students’ self-esteem.

Dancers Unite has gotten top score and overalls in:
  • Acro
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Lyrical
  • Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Musical Theater
For more information on how to join our Competitive Dance Company, please see our Charlotte Competition Dance Program Page.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Charlotte Dance Studio Closed Due to Ice

After incredibly careful consideration, we have decided to cancel dance classes once again today (Thursday January 30th).

We hate having to miss dance class again, but those of you who frequent our dance studio know that we are in a standalone building with lots of trees nearby so that makes the ice melt slower than in other places around Charlotte.

Ultimately, we had to put children’s safety first!  We are in a business all about bettering children’s lives, so that makes any decision that puts children’s safety first a no brainer!

Unfortunately, because there are so many trees around our studio the ice has not been melting as fast as we would like and ultimately children’s safety is the most important thing to us.

If you want you or your child to make up the dance class missed during these three days we’ve had off, then please see our Dance Class Make Up Suggestion Page.

charlotte dance studio closing ice

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dance School Closed Due to Snow in Charlotte

dance school closed snow charlotteWell, the snow has hit us all around Charlotte!  Due to the hazardous conditions on the roads here in Charlotte, Dancers Unite once again will not be having dance classes today (Wednesday, January 29th).  We hope all of our Dancers Unite families stay off the road unless absolutely necessary and stay safe!

Your child can make up his or her dance classes by taking a similar class of the same age on our dance class schedule.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Charlotte Weather Causes Dance Class Cancellation

charlotte weather dance class cancellation
Dancers Unite will not be open for dance classes on Tuesday January 28th because of the inclement weather hitting Charlotte.

We want all of our Dancers Unite dancers and families to stay safe!

Keep posted for whether or not we will be open for dance classes on Wednesday January 29th.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gymnastics Classes Charlotte NC Kids

Dancers Unite offers great gymnastics classes for kids in Charlotte, NC.

We offer tumbling classes, and students work on floor gymnastics skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, roundoffs, forward rolls, etc.

Students are then able to participate in our yearly recital, held at Dana Auditorium on Selwyn Avenue (part of the Queens University Campus).

All of our gymnastics classes take place on tumbling mats for children’s safety, and we also have other equipment to help assist children in attaining their skills.

Additionally, Dancers Unite’s gymnastics classes for children are only taught by highly skilled adult instructors who can assist in spotting.  We believe in only hiring adult instructors to ensure that not only are the children learning, but the proper safety is being used.

For more information on how to sign up for our gymnastics classes, please see our Dance & Gymnastics Classes Page.
gymnastics classes charlotte nc kids

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Charlotte Dance School's Competition Teams Have Big Wins

charlotte dance schools competition teams
Our Competition Company attended our first competition of 2014 this weekend and our dance studio did so well!

We were so proud of the guys and girls from our dance studio for their great performances.

1st Overalls:
  • Mini Jazz
  • Petite Tap
  • Teen Acro
  • Senior/Teen Hip Hop
  • Baldwin & Morgan’s Duet
2nd Overalls:
  • Petite Jazz
  • Senior/Teen Tap
  • Production
In a few months, our competition team will be accepting new members to our team.  Our competition company consists of 5 teams divided by age, and we have competition students as young as five up to high school seniors.  For more information on how you or your child can join our Competition Company, please see our Competition Company Page.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adult Hip Hop Classes Charlotte NC

Dancers Unite offers a great adult hip hop class in Charlotte, NC.

You can learn hip hop dance in this five week course that only costs $52.

It is a great high energy dance course that is bound to burn calories in a fun way!

If you want more information about this class, please see our Adult Dance Class Page.
adult hip hop classes charlotte nc

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Southpark Dance Studios Charlotte

southpark dance studios charlotte
Want a dance studio in the Southpark area of Charlotte?

Dancers Unite is the answer for you!

Dancers Unite offers top quality dance instruction.  All of our dance classes are taught by our highly qualified adult dance instructor staff.

Dancers Unite also is the only dance studio in the Southpark area that offers a Competition Dance Company, available for children as young as five years old up to seniors in high school.  Our team has won both regionally and nationally, most recently winning the 2013 Youth National Jazz Championship & the 2013 Senior National Jazz Championship!

Dancers Unite also offers an excellent preschool dance program starting at age two where all classes are taught by our dance studio owners.

Dancers Unite also offers dance classes in multiple dance styles – from ballet to hip hop to tap!  Please see our Dance Class Page for more information on dance classes your child could take.  Please also see our Adult Dance Class Page for information on our dance classes for adults!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dance Schools Myers Park Charlotte

dance schools myers park charlotte
If you are looking for a dance school in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, then Dancers Unite is the answer for you!

We are the premiere, top quality dance studio of our neighborhood.

We are the only dance studio in the area that can say:
  • We are the 2013 National Senior & Youth Jazz Champions
  • We have had dancers appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Sugar Bowl Halftime Show and the Capital One Bowl Halftime Show
  • We have a national award winning competitive company ages five to eighteen
  • All of our preschool dance classes are taught by our dance studio owners
We do all this in a firm but nurturing atmosphere where students grow both as dancers and people.

There is still room in some of our dance classes.  Please see our Dance Class Page for more information.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Charlotte Dance School Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

charlotte dance school
Dancers Unite will be closed today in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

We will resume our regularly scheduled dance classes the next day, Tuesday January 21st.

Our Monday schedule will return to normal next Monday, January 27th, and our Adult Hip Hop Class will also start back that day.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dance Schools Charlotte Children

dance schools charlotte children
Dancers Unite is a wonderful dance school in Charlotte that offers dance instruction to children.

Dancers Unite offers wonderful combination dance classes to children where children learn such styles of dancing as ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics or hip hop.

Children at Dancers Unite may also have the opportunity to be part of the national champion winning Dancers Unite Competition Company, which competes regionally & nationally in such dance styles as jazz and tap.

Dancers Unite achieves excellence in dance instruction for children by having a wonderful staff of dance instructors who are firm but nurturing.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Toddler Beginner Dance Class Central Charlotte

Dancers Unite is offering a great beginner dance class for toddlers in the Central Charlotte area!

Dancers Unite is offering an Introduction to Dance Course that runs for four weeks.  It is a great way to see if your child is ready for dance.  The class is similar to Dancers Unite’s regular toddler dance classes, except it is more aimed for beginners and is condensed for the four week setting.  It is a combination dance class, combining ballet, tap, creative movement and tumbling.

Dancers Unite is conveniently located in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, which is adjacent to the Myers Park, SouthEnd and Uptown neighborhoods of Charlotte.  Please see our Dance Studio Location Page for more information on directions to our dance studio.
toddler beginner dance class central charlotte

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UNCC Area Ballet Classes Children

uncc area ballet classes children
Dancers Unite offers great ballet classes for children in the UNCC area of Charlotte.

Dancers Unite offers classical instruction in a positive atmosphere.

Dancers Unite offers a yearly dance recital where students perform ballet routines as well as other styles of dance offered at Dancers Unite.

Dancers Unite boasts a great dance instructor staff full of highly qualified adults who care about helping your child be the best dancer he or she can be.

For more information about our ballet program, please see our Charlotte Ballet Program Page.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Charlotte Dance School Dancers Appear On National TV

dance studios charlotte
I am back in Charlotte, North Carolina now!  I was just in New Orleans for a week where dancers from my dance studio were part of the Sugar Bowl Halftime Show!

700 dancers from 22 different states were part of the amazing Sugar Bowl Halftime Show.  We were so proud to be the dance studio representing North Carolina there!

The routine was choreographed by Bonnie Story, an Emmy award winning choreographer best known for her work choreographing the High School Musical movies.  It was a fast paced great pom routine that really pumped the crowd up!

I’m so proud of my dance studio for being chosen to be part of this amazing once in a lifetime experience!  Our dancers were able to be seen on ESPN, and it was exciting to have family and friends tell them they saw them on national TV!

Dancers Unite prides itself on giving wonderful experiences to its dancers.  Our dancers have also performed in numerous other places across the country, such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and the Capital One Bowl Halftime Show in Orlando, Florida.

For more information about our dance studio performances, please see our Dance Studio Performance Page.  For more information on the dance classes we offer, please see our Dance Class Page.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Charlotte NC Competition Dancers Attend Master Class

charlotte competition master dance class
Yesterday, some of our competition company dancers participated in a master class with Tyce Diorio at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center.  You might remember him from his association with So You Think You Can Dance, where he is an Emmy award winning choreographer as well as a judge.  This was a great opportunity for our dancers to learn from this famous choreographer and they were able to meet with him afterwards as well.

At Dancers Unite, we provide top quality dance instruction and we pride ourselves on giving our students wonderful opportunities in dance as well.  For more information on our studio, please see our Dance Studio Website.