Monday, December 23, 2013

Charlotte North Carolina Competition Dance

charlotte north carolina competition dance
Competition dance has been a popular pastime for years now, but a lot more people have become aware of this fun activity through the popular reality show Dance Moms.

A lot of dancers are now looking to become part of a competition dance team.

If you are looking for yourself or for your child for a dance school in Charlotte, North Carolina that offers a competition dance program, then take a look at Dancers Unite.

Dancers Unite has a great competition dance team for children and teens.

Like Dance Moms, our dancers compete in regional and national dance competitions and have picked up national titles, but unlike in Dance Moms, our dance instructors are positive and nurturing to our students.

Dancers Unite has multiple teams for ages five and up, and we compete in such dance styles as jazz, lyrical, acro, contemporary, musical theater, hip hop and tap.

For more information about our competitive dance program, please see our Competition Dance Company Page.

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