Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Charlotte Dancers Win Senior Miss Dance & Tween Miss Dance Titles

charlotte dancers win miss dance titles
Yesterday I wrote about our dance studio’s competition company’s overall wins at the dance competition we attended last weekend.  In addition to the overall wins, our dance studio took home two titles!  Allie won Senior Miss Power of Dance and Kiara won Tween Miss Power of Dance!

Title winners get chosen among the dancers of their age at the dance competition.  Students competing for titles were to perform a solo as well as write an essay based on what the studio’s charity means to them (our studio voted on the Make-A-Wish Foundation).  Title winners were chosen based on the scores for the solo, the dancer’s passion for dance and artistry and the essay.  Allie & Kiara were given a tiara to commemorate their title.  Congratulations girls!

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