Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ballet Tap Jazz Combo Classes for Kids in Charlotte

combination ballet tap jazz dance classes charlotte nc
Dancers Unite has great ballet/tap/jazz combination dance classes!  Combination dance classes are a wonderful way to get exposed to multiple dance forms.  Classes begin with the beautiful, classic dance style of ballet.  Next students work on rhythm and musicality in tap.  Finally, students end the class in the fast paced dance style of jazz!  Combination dance classes are great for kids because even if for instance your child has only asked for ballet, through a combination dance class they can become a well rounded dancer and they may discover a love for a different dance style altogether.  For instance, I initially asked my mother for ballet, and while I still love ballet, tap is now my favorite dance style!

For more information on class times for combination ballet, tap and jazz classes, please see our Dance Class Page.

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