Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dance Classes for 8th Graders in Charlotte NC

dance classes 8th graders charlotte
Are you an 8th grader in Charlotte NC and want to take dance classes?  Both students without dance experience as well as experienced should try out the dance classes at Dancers Unite!

If you are an 8th grader, then you can look at the following classes:

  • Ballet: Students taking ballet at Dancers Unite learn classical ballet instruction.  There is both a Beginner Ballet & Advanced Ballet Class.
  • Hip Hop: Students learn the latest hip hop dance styles, moves and choreography in our fast paced Teen Hip Hop Class.
  • Jazz: Students work on jazz technique and choreography in Dancers Unite Jazz Classes.  They are offered at both a beginner & advanced level.
  • Lyrical/Cotemporary: Students work on choreography in this class similar to what you might see on So You Think You Can Dance.  We have an Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary Class as well as a Beginner Lyrical/Contemporary Class for teens.
  • Modern: Students taking modern work on modern technique as well as choreography.
  • Pointe: This is a class for advanced ballet students, where students dance wearing pointe shoes.  You must have teacher approval in order to take this class.
  • Tap: Both students new to tap and students with tap experience can take tap at Dancers Unite!  In our advanced tap class, students work on complex steps and rhythms.
  • Tumbling: We have both beginner & advanced tumbling classes, where students can work on floor gymnastics skills with our trained instructors.

Additionally, you can look at our Jumps, Leaps & Turn Class if you want a technique class where you work on skills and not choreography.  No routine would be performed in the yearly recital for students in this class.

For more information about all of the aforementioned dance classes, please see our Dance Class Page.

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