Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance Classes Deal in Charlotte

Haven’t already registered for 2011-2012 dance classes at Dancers Unite?  Now is the perfect time to register for dance classes, because if you register before July 1, 2011 then you get $10 off the registration fee!  Dancers Unite makes it easy for you to register.  You can register in person next Wednesday (June 29, 2011) from 6:00-8:00 PM in person during our office hours, or you can register online or by sending a check in the mail.  For more information on the ways to register for dance classes at Dancers Unite, please see our Dance Class Registration Page.

In addition to receiving a discount, it is better to register sooner rather than later for dance classes at Dancers Unite because our dance studio limits the amount of students in each dance class.  We have found that the best learning takes place when students can get personalized individual attention from his or her dance teacher.  So if there is a particular class or time you would like, make sure you register in advance.  To see what dance classes Dancers Unite offers and the times and days of the week, please see our Dance Class Schedule Page.

dance classes in charlotte

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