Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lyrical Dance Lessons Charlotte

lyrical dance lessons charlotte nc
I remember years ago going to dance competitions as a kid and there not being a whole lot of lyrical routines at the competitions.  Fast forward to today and now you see many, many lyrical routines at dance competitions.  Lyrical has become very popular for serious dance students.  Lyrical routines tell a story using dance movements specifically choreographed to fit the lyrics or mood of the song.  The judges at dance competitions like to see routines demonstrating balance, flexibility and control.

My dance studio, Dancers Unite, is the only dance studio in the Myers Park area to compete in lyrical at the regional and national level.  It is a great place to go for serious dance students who would like to compete in lyrical.

Doing competition dance means a large time commitment.  In addition to the rehearsal class for the lyrical competition routine, students competing in lyrical have a number of required dance classes they must take.  This helps them with the choreography in the lyrical competition piece.  The required dance classes are ballet, jumps/leaps/turns, strength & stretch and tumbling.  It is also a time commitment due to the required regional competitions as well as one national competition in the summer.  However, going to the classes and competitions will make you a much stronger dancer.

If you are interested in competing in lyrical dance, you will need to first audition for the Dancers Unite Competition Company.  For more information on how to audition, please see our Dance Competition Audition Page.

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