Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Competitive Hip Hop Dance Team in Charlotte North Carolina

Does your child love his or her hip hop class but feel that he or she needs more of a challenge?  Then your child may be ready to compete in Hip Hop at Dancers Unite!

Competition hip hop classes are at a higher level than non-competitive hip hop classes.  Students competing in hip hop class are chosen at the Dancers Unite Competition Company Audition so your child would only be dancing with dancers of the same or very similar skill levels.  The hip hop competition dance choreographer would teach challenging and age appropriate hip hop choreography.

Advanced students competing in hip hop are required to attend his or her hip hop dance rehearsal as well as a take a tumbling class.  The tumbling class will help with any break dancing moves included in the hip hop dance choreography.  Additionally, students competing in hip hop will be allowed to take unlimited dance classes as part of the Competition Company Tuition.  Depending on how they do at the Competition Company Audition, students can also compete in more than hip hop, but the cost will go up.  For more information on how much the cost goes up, see our Competition Company Pricing Page.
competitive hip hop dance team charlotte

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