Sunday, May 1, 2011

Charlotte Competitive Dancing for Kids

Dancers Unite strongly believes that younger dancers can benefit from dancing competitively.  Therefore we have a Junior Competition Company for the youngest dancers.

The Junior Competition Company of Dancers Unite is for competition students ages 7 & younger, or for 8 to 9 year olds who are new to competition dance.  As the students are younger and the Junior Competition Company is intended to transition students into full Company Members, the requirements for the Junior Competition Company are less than for the Senior Competition Company. 

Students in the Junior Competition Company must attend their competition rehearsal classes.  They must also take a ballet/tap/jazz combination dance class or a hip hop/jazz combination dance class.  Even though these are the only requirements, Dancers Unite strongly encourages these students to take as many dance classes as possible, as that will help them in their dance training.  Therefore, students in the Junior Competition Company receive unlimited dance classes in their Competition Company Tuition. 

For more information about pricing for the Junior Competition Company, please see our Charlotte Dance Competition Company Pricing Page.  This will also let you know what the Junior Competition Package includes in your monthly tuition.
charlotte competitive dancing kids

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