Saturday, April 23, 2011

Contemporary Dance Class in Charlotte North Carolina

contemporary class charlotte north carolina
My dance studio Dancers Unite is one of the only studios in Charlotte offering Contemporary dance classes to teens who do not compete.  Contemporary is a dance form that is becoming increasingly popular, and you may have noticed it on the popular dance show, So You Think You Can Dance.  It incorporates jazz movements with modern elements.

Our contemporary classes are a combination class of Contemporary and Lyrical.  The dance classes include choreography that often tells a story or is influenced by the mood of the song.  Additionally, choreography often includes leaps, jumps, turns and acrobatic work that students work on in class.

The Lyrical/Contemporary class is offered for students in 7th to 12th grade.  There is a beginner level class starting after Labor Day on Thursday evenings from 6:45-7:45 PM.  There is also a more advanced level class on Wednesday from 6:30-7:45 PM.  Students in the advanced class are required to also take ballet, as the technique learned in ballet will help them in the Lyrical/Contemporary Class.

While Ballet is the only class required for advanced students, there are many other classes at Dancers Unite that can help students in both the Beginner and Advanced Contemporary Dance Classes.  These classes include jumps, leaps and turns, strength & conditioning and tumbling.  For more information on these class times, please see our Charlotte Dance Class Page.

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